• Dan Xu

Travel Testimonial

During the Christmas season, I spent my days scouring the web, trying to find a website that would give me a great experience in warm and sunny places where I could escape the cold. I’ve hoped to find places like Florida, or perhaps even Hawaii, as I always loved beaches and immensely enjoyed the time that I could spend under the warmth of the sun. Don’t get me wrong, I love the snow. But I decided that this year’s cold front was just too much for my taste, so thus began my journey to find a place to visit.

When I began looking, I first immediately found websites that specialize in certain areas such as boutique cruises and others that focus on a certain sector of the travel industry. Those didn’t really seem to appeal to me. Sure, they had good deals, but something told me that wasn’t the agency or website I was looking for. I wanted a company that was different than everyone else, that went far and beyond, exceeding any traveler’s expectations while also providing a great service to me or possibly others. That’s when I dug a little deeper, and found a travel website called Vacation Grace, created by a company called Ellis-Lopez Travel Partners LLC.

I first immediately noticed how simple yet elegant their website was, containing easy to access pages. However, as I looked at their description on their main page, I noticed that this wasn’t just some ordinary company that I found on the internet. I realized that I had miraculously stumbled upon a company that has dedicated themselves to helping charities and those in need, exclaiming that “A percentage of our revenue generated from travel reservations and purchases of qualifying products is donated to charitable projects with no added cost to customers.”

“Wow”, I thought. I’ve never even seen a travel agency that even considered about those in need. “This is a truly noble goal what they’re doing.”

On further investigation, I noticed that they had an about page. The company’s founder, called themselves a “benefit company”, and included a short back story of how Jerry Ellis, Jr., the company’s owner, came up with his noble goal. He first begins how 20 years ago, he often made donations to famous charities today such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, but always wanted to give more.

At first, since 2008, Ellis has been supporting the education of an orphaned child by donating money to cover this child’s school fees, books, his school uniform, and daily meals. As time went on, he decided that he wanted to support as many children as possible, which is the reason why the Nyaka School is one of the charities today that bookers can support.

Taking a step back from the article, I was extremely impressed with what Ellis and his company has accomplished in just two years. As I continued to read his back story, I realized that the main reason of why I was so fascinated about their mission was that they closely aligned with mine.

As a kid, I’ve always been fascinated by technology, imagining all sorts of things that it could do. As I have grown older, however, I realized that technology could be combined with other fields in order to make the world a better place and help others. I’ve also had my own share of tackling environmental issues. As a passionate advocator of making the Earth greener, I’ve attended numerous volunteering sessions, over 300 hours, completing tasks from coastal cleanups to building environmentally friendly benches out of non-biodegradable material such as plastic.

With Vacation Grace doing a wonderful job, and encouraging others to support those in need, many have already started to book from this altruistic website.

There are many who do not know the benefits that this company brings. I recently showed many of my friends who had plans to book vacations, and they were all amazed and astonished of the measures that Ellis and his company were taking to help those in need.

Responses such as “Wow, it’s amazing how what we do can help others” and “I had no idea that I could book a vacation and help charities without any money from my own pocket. It’s a win-win scenario!” were very common, and they all now plan to book through Vacation Grace and spread the word on.

With its ability for users to book vacations to its selfless dedication of helping others, Vacation Grace has made a lasting impact on my heart, and many others who are familiar with their mission. I truly hope that after reading this, if you’re considering booking a vacation, I strongly recommend that you book through Vacation Grace. Just remember, you don’t have to choose between having fun and helping others, you can do both! Vacation Grace thanks you for your support!

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